Friday, December 28, 2012

Lost in Paris

Paris, have you been their? It's huge Look it up in google maps. I tasted the apple i promise! i didnt get lost! I'm writeing about how great paris was, Paris? I didnt like it. Writting isnt my thing, I want it to be, I want to be great I want to be Imaginable, all I want to write about is fishing and shooting, thats boring, I dont read, alot, but the things on people are posting are SO good I love just getting on and reading other peoples post, theirs good and theirs bad just like this one, but im writting how i feel. What the freak do you want from me!!!!!? Mr. Neilson I'm not the great magnificent artsy type of person, I like things plain and simple, a little character isnt bad but just because someone that posts something horrible, its how they feel, its what they want to put down, let them, let them put their thoughts in a word doc. I get lost in paris when I read other peoples art.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Be Listenin...

In the hall, stay here tyson I have wrestling, camera gone, she's cool I'm grounded, so.....oh its a company, it's a.....snowboarding stuff, wait what, what game, i don't. we're friends, hasn't come up yet. what? tonight? what game? oh basketball game? oh in the front of the class. yep. did they win? you look like a pedifile, want some smarties. duh i am. want a little disclosure. 6"2" at least pshh. i just opened a cold one. walk in through the halls with a blow dryer. no its not cool. woke up late, math, summers umm a nurse she drives me places, their all judging you do you work out? (sigh) ya. black kids i just walked out, thats good. hi. whatcha doin. oh, can you come over to neilsons room. if you have time what for? wants to ask you some questions. is my zipper down? miss America. kissin him hahahaha i tried to kiss him. oh have i boated.

Monday, November 5, 2012

I remember...

I remember you picking me up on Tuesday nights, I remember we use to go to movies, I remember we use to laugh, I remember watching airplanes fly by, I remember watching you drive down the street while I waved goodbye. I remember calling you every five minutes to see where you were, when are you going to be here, I remember telling you the girl I liked, I remember being happy around you, I remember moving in with you, I remember the first day of school, I remember feeling alive, I remember you caring about me, I remember putting you through pain, I remember calling the police on you, I'm sorry. I remember being loved, I remember losing that love, I remember feeling alone in my home, I remember not being good enough, I remember being the only son in the house, I remember having your support, I remember losing your support, I remember you wanting me out, I remember wanting to be part of you life. I remember thinking about how can I change. I remember you telling me everything is okay, everything is not okay, I remember you teaching me how to fish, I remember you teaching me how to read the river, I remember the first time hunting, I remember you use to help me, I remember being 17 and everything was so easy, I remember turning 18 and everything changed!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

One word? Respect

One word? when I think of one word, I think of respect! Respect is being abused, people are disrespectful wherever we go, Schools, Teachers, Girls, Eachtoher, Friends.

Why are people so disrespectful? is it because were in high school and everyone thinks about being cool?

You know what! Screw high school! everyone said oh your going to love high school, I hate it. everyone only cares about themselves and fitting in, Thats not what life is all about, high school isnt going to be your life forever...grow up be mature and respect everyone! why does someone need to hate eachother? life is to short to be hating, worry about the good times and enjoy every moment to the fullest.

I hear in the halls of Lone Peak some crual things about people, ordinary people, who gives them the right to be so rude to eachother.

I'm Discusted!! I hate what people say about the girls. Their not an object treat them with respect! its unbelieveable what the guys in our school say about the girls. I feel bad for all of them, But the worste of all is when I see a gorgouse girl dating some scumbag! why are you dating him i ask? because he plays football. Thats the stupidest thing ever! you could do so much better, if only some girls could hear what their boyfriend thinks about her. Its pathedic!!

One word?


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Am I Cool?

Thank you
                        Lucy Lovable <><